Veith Offenbächer (guitarist in Dawn of Destiny from September 2006 – February 2014)

Message from Veith:
Today I decided to make myself an extra special birthday gift..
Herewith I rejoin my dear friends in Dawn of Destiny as a full-time member. Even though I remained as live stand-in guitarist in the recent years, also did some of the bookings. So I never really was away completely.
Anyway, 2 weeks ago Jens asked me to record the guitars for the upcoming 8th killer album and I agreed to… and am busy doing it currently.
Everything felt into place and feels more than right for my decision asking my new old band mates yesterday if they’re fine to have a new old fifth band member… and luckily they agreed.
I’m really looking forward for new adventures with Dirk, Phillipp, Jeanette and Jens!

/ Veith

P.S. Rejoining DAWN OF DESTINY does not affect my band membership in swedish metal band DESTINY in any way. New album by Destiny in the making as well.

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