Past Gigs

Past Gigs

Dawn of Destiny Live…

Our gigs are listed below in chronological order. 

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Dragonslayer Festival

Some impressions of our show last weekend at the amazing Dragonslayer-Festival in Attendorn, Germany on 04/11/23. 🤘


Dawn Of Destiny & Velvet Viper

Musiktheater Piano, DO


Dawn Of Destiny & Mob Rules & Symphonity

Jahnhalle Nordenham


„The Beast Inside“ – Release Party Dawn Of Destiny & Custard

Parkhaus Duisburg


B:O:M Festival – KOMM Düren: Dawn Of Destiny, Tarchon Fist, Tumulus



Metal Inferno Festival



„Beast In The East“-Tour

Katowice (PL), Hodonin (CZ), Budapest (HU)


Metal Festival, YAHOO



Metal Ship Loreley: Dawn Of Destiny, Mystic Prophecy



Female Fronted Festival: Dawn Of Destiny, Splaindor, Why Amnesia, Silent Revenants, Düsterlust


Rise Of The Underground Festival



Rock am Stück Festival: Powerwolf, Battle Beast, Unherz, Hell-O-Matic, Dawn Of Destiny and many more


Metal Festival, Joe‘s, Oer-Erkenschwick: Custard, Distillator, Dragonsfire, Mac Beth, Dawn Of Destiny


Night Of Symphonic Power, Titans Club, Lens, Belgium: Beyond Forgiveness (USA), Dawn Of Destiny (GER), Cathubodua (BE)


Union Of Metal Demon Seduction, Dawn Of Destiny, Lyra‘s Legacy, Lion Twin

Parkhaus Meiderich, Duisburg


B:O:M-Festival, Langerwehe: A parrot dies, Devilusion, Sorronia (HU, Dawn Of Destiny


Rage Against Racism Open Air, JZ Mühle, Duisburg: Freedom Call, Suidakra, Black Messiah , Dawn Of Destiny and many more



Female Fronted Underground, Wuppertal: Dawn Of Destiny, Mayze, Schattenspieler



„One Night in Hell III“, Parkhaus Meiderich, Duisburg: Aeranea, Eiskristall, Convictive and Dawn Of Destiny

Parkhaus Meiderich, Duisburg


Metal Night at Dudelsack with ‚Lyra’s Legacy‘ and ‚Dawn of Destiny‘

Bad Kreuznach


Metal Festival at Joe’s with ‚Custard‘, ‚Tony Gorilla‘, ‚Cryptic Lane‘, ‚Vergil‘ and ‚Dawn of Destiny‘



Metal-Night at Youth Club Megafon with ‚RAGE‘, ‚Tri State Corner‘, ‚Maxxwell‘ and ‚Dawn of Destiny‘



Supporting Ektomorf at Works Club with ‚Ektomorf‘, ‚Shredhead‘, ‚Hot Beaver‘, ‚Chakora‘, ‚Ferroconcrete‘ and ‚Dawn of Destiny‘



Night of Gothica 2 at Supersonic / Blue Hell with ‚Tezaura‘, ‚Lies of the Machine‘, ‚Sorronia‘ and ‚Dawn of Destiny‘

Budapest / Hungary


Metal Night at ‚Elfer Music Club‘ with ‚Coronatus‘, ‚All Will Know‘ and ‚Dawn of Destiny‘



Metal Festival at Joe’s with ‚A Parrotdies‘, ‚Sanity’s Eclipse‘, ‚Fairytale‘ and ‚Dawn of Destiny‘



Metal Night at Dudelsack with ‚Dawn of Destiny‘

Bad Kreuznach


Metal-Night at the rock pub ‚Schlappohr‘ with ‚Dawn of Destiny‘



Xandria-Tour – gig mit ‚Xandria‘ and ‚Dawn of Destiny‘ at ‚Klub Lúc‘

Trencín / Slovakia


Xandria-Tour – gig with ‚Xandria‘ and ‚Dawn of Destiny‘ at ‚Club 202‘

Budapest / Hungary


Metal-Night at the Pub ‚Dudelsack‘ with ‚Sweat Team‘ and ‚Dawn of Destiny‘

Bad Kreuznach


Xandria-Tour at the ‚Hall of Fame‘ with ‚Xandria‘, ‚Dawn of Destiny‘ and further support

Tilburg, Netherlands


‚Recklinghausen brennt‘ with ‚Skapa Flöw‘, ‚Fairytale‘ and ‚Dawn of Destiny‘ at ‚Altstadtschmiede‘



Female Fronted Metal – Festival with ‚Tumulus‘, ‚Rocket Row‘, ‚Senseless‘, ‚Skadika‘ and ‚Dawn of Destiny‘ at ‚Famous‘



Pre-Release-Party / Album #5 with ‚Sacred Groove‘ and ‚Dawn of Destiny‘ at ‚Markt 17‘


Before 2014:

2013 2013-11-28 Female Fronted Night: with ‚Lion Twin‘, ‚Distance Call‘ and ‚Dawn of Destiny‘ at ‚die Börse‘ Wuppertal 2013-10-26 Brotherhood of Metal: ‚Metal-Night‘ with ‚The Name‘, ‚Wolfen‘, ‚Lyra´s Legacy‘, ‚Evidence of Fear‘ and ‚Dawn of Destiny‘ at ‚Saal Behrendt‘ Langerwehe / Schlich 2013-05-31 Metal- & Rock- Night: with ‚Erick Avila‘, ‚Blackfire Rebellion‘ and ‚Dawn of Destiny‘ at ‚Blue Shell Pub‘ Cologne 2013-03-28 20000ft – The best of Saxon and Dawn of Destiny at ‚Dudelsack‘ pub Bad Kreuznach 2013-03-02 ‚The Moor Shall Burn – Metal Night‘ with Wild Champagne and Dawn of Destiny at ‚Schlappohr‘ pub Großefehn 2012 2012-12-09 AXXIS and Dawn of Destiny at ‚Tivoli‘ Club Bremen 2012-12-18 AXXIS and Dawn of Destiny at ‚Logo‘ Club Hamburg 2012-12-01 Metal for Mercy Festival – 2 days with 23 other Bands Witten 2012-11-17 ‚Metal Night‘ at the activity centre „Die Mühle“ with Gun Barrel, Custard, Phönix Rising und Fairy Tale Duisburg 2012-11-02 ‚Phonotraxx Label-Night‘ with Mercury Falling, Dawn of Destiny und Axxis Lünen 2012-10-13 Metal-Gig at the ‚Hobbit-Keller‘ with Heralder and Gravety Zweibrücken 2012-04-05 Mercenaries Metalmeeting Festival with Kenotaph, Automatic Self Destruct, Chronos IV, Dawn of Destiny, Custard, a.o. Datteln 2011 2011-12-22 AXXIS and Dawn of Destiny at the ‚Zeche‘ Bochum 2011-12-10 Metal-Konzert Rattenloch Schwerte 2011-11-19 2nd Bremer Metal-Festival with Dawn Of Destiny, Gun Barrel a.o. Bremen 2011-11-05 Metal Marathon, Kulturwerkstatt with Dawn Of Destiny, Orden Ogan a.o. Paderborn 2011-10-03 AXXIS – 20 Years Anniversary Tour with Dawn Of Destiny Korbach 2011-09-30 AXXIS – 20 Years Anniversary Tour with Dawn Of Destiny Pratteln / Schweiz 2011-09-18 AXXIS – 20 Years Anniversary Tour with Dawn Of Destiny Hamburg 2011-09-17 AXXIS – 20 Years Anniversary Tour with Dawn Of Destiny Mörlenbach/Weiher 2011-09-16 AXXIS – 20 Years Anniversary Tour with Dawn Of Destiny Burglengenfeld 2011-09-15 AXXIS – 20 Years Anniversary Tour with Dawn Of Destiny München 2011-09-09 AXXIS – 20 Years Anniversary Tour with Dawn Of Destiny Neuenstadt-Heilbronn 2011-09-04 Rock im Wendehammer, Cumaleon, Dawn Of Destiny, Clear Confusion Haltern am See 2011-07-01 Realms Of Metal Festival: Helldecker, Lyra’s Legacy, Heavenfall u.a. Bochum 2011-06-18 B:O:M-Festival: Screaming Souls, Solar Fragment, Dawn Of Destiny, Long Kiss Goodbye Langerwehe/Schlich 2011-06-11 Full Force Metal and more Festival: Hells Heaven, Existence Halle/Saale 2011-06-04 Metal Meeting: Stormgarde, No Inner Limits, Dawn Of Destiny Dortmund 2011-04-25 Todestanzfestival: Leichenwetter, Todesengel, Traumtaenzer, Wolfenmond, Dawn Of Destiny Wuppertal 2011-01-05 Heavy Metal Invasion 2011, Mental Menace, Steeleyes, Dawn Of Destiny Bramsche 2010 2010-12-04 Metal For Mercy Festival 2010 Witten 2010-11-20 Stormgarde, Arcane Legion, Torian, Dawn Of Destiny, Custard Duisburg 2010-11-12 The Riddle of Sicken, Extinct, Arcane Legion, Dawn Of Destiny Lübeck 2010-06-26 Invader, Avalon, Fairytale und Dawn Of Destiny Recklinghausen 2009 2009-11-07 Primal Fear, Brainstorm, Grailknights, The Mystery, Dawn Of Destiny, Serpent Soul, Rocking Stones Festival Olsberg-Bruchhausen 2009-10-31 Dawn Of Destiny goes Halloween, STAY WILD Iserlohn 2009-10-10 Megaera, Dawn Of Destiny, Gun Barrel Otzenhausen 2009-09-26 Kings of Thunder, Dawn Of Destiny, Solar Fragment, The Claymore, Layment Dortmund 2009-09-25 In Viro, Noir, Jack Frost, Dawn Of Destiny Oberhausen 2009-09-05 Rock im Zelt, gecancelt Falkenfels 2009-08-20 bis 2009-08-23 Rock City Open Air, Fetesti, Rumänien gecancelt RO-Fetesti 2009-07-18 Roadgrill Open Air Festival: Ross The Boss, Freedom Call, Roadkill, Ivory Night, Cell 29, Dawn Of Destiny, Conorach NL-Rotterdam 2009-05-16 Lükaz: Bastard Nation, Sex Gepard, Reflection, Dawn Of Destiny Lünen 2009-04-11 Razor Blade Festival: The Eternal, Marche Funebre, DOD u.a. Datteln 2009-03-20 Devil’s Night, Daemonizer, Human Suit, VE.GA und Dawn Of Destiny Münster 2009-03-13 Code Red, Crystallion and Dawn Of Destiny Regensburg 2008 2008-12-06 „Rebellion In Heaven“ Release Party with Searing Blade, Solar Fragment, A New Dawn, Crystallion, Dawn Of Destiny Oberhausen 2008-11-08 Heavy Metal Thunder II: mit Contracrash, Targa, The Mystery, DOD und Saidian Esslingen 2008-10-18 AXXIS and Dawn Of Destiny, Stadthalle Bredenborn 2008-10-17 Steel meets Steels Festival, Matrix Bochum 2008-08-15 De Hof Open Air was cancelt by the organizer Sulzbach 2008-08-08 White Raven for Emergency Children – Festival Bensheim 2008-06-21 7 Seals – Release-Party with Avelon, Solar Fragment, Van Canto, 7 Seals Paderborn 2008-06-13 Tartarus Open Air Festival, with Contradiction, Motorjesus, Edge of Thorns a.o. Euskirchen 2008-04-19 Metal Inferno Festival 2008, with Tankard, Gun Barrel a.m.m. Paderborn 2008-04-10 House Of Lords – „Come to My Kingdom Tour“ B-Verviers 2008-04-09 House Of Lords – „Come to My Kingdom Tour“ NL-Weert 2008-03-29 Queens of Metal Part I im Stay Wild! with Gwyllion (B) und DOD Iserlohn 2008-03-23 House Of Lords – „Come to My Kingdom Tour“ CH-Pratteln 2008-03-19 House Of Lords – „Come to My Kingdom Tour“ Essen 2008-03-15 Last Winternight Festival – Psyrim, Demento, Finsterforst, Fragments Of Unbecoming and Dawn Of Destiny Wiesloch 2007 2007-11-30 Power of the Pott – The Claymore, Solar Fragment, Custard, DOD Dortmund 2007-11-24 Live im Turock – Schattenspieler, The Mystery, DOD Essen 2007-11-03 Dragonslayer Festival: with Cripper, Reflection, Ordan Ogan, Stormage, Prophecy and Dawn Of Destiny Attendorn 2007-11-03 Tarantula Cult Club – Elefant Broad Tree, DOD, u.a. Dortmund 2007-10-26 Dawn Of Destiny goes privat – Metal Wedding Bochum 2007-10-13 „Metal…begins – CD Release Party von DOD: with Van Canto, Solar Fragment, Goat of Mendes and Minjar at ‚Kultopia‘ Hagen 2007-09-29 Rock meets Metal: with ‚Reason‘ and Dawn Of Destiny at ‚Biker’s Home‘ Lünen 2007-09-22 Ackerfestival Open Air: with Dirty Bones, Mindsweeper, Mapped out, Tonchirurgie, Philiae, Ohrenfeind, DOD a.o. Kummerfeld 2007-08-18 Elements Benefiz-Festival: Dawn Of Destiny, Heavenfall, Downscarred, Cursed in Silence, The Flaw, E.B.T a.o. Hagen 2007-06-30 Metal Birthday Party: Insane, Still it cries and DOD Reichshof 2007-06-23 Metal Night 3, DOD, Denial, Berzano, Heavenfall, Exotherm, Belfry, Downscarred, Cursed in Silence, Ventox Hagen 2007-06-02 Campus Alive, Uni-Festival Düsseldorf 2007-04-28 Gig with Goat of Mendes and Oneiros Wermelskirchen 2007-04-13 Metal for Mercy-Festival Werk°Stadt Witten 2007-02-23 Konzert with Cursed In Silence and Miles of Water,“CVJM“ Hattingen 2007-02-03 Dawn Of Destiny, Chimaera and Mohawk Ratingen 2007-01-24 Dawn Of Destiny and Terminal Wardrobe at „Valhalla“ Gummersbach 2006 2006-12-15 Gig with Mindguard, Dawn Of Destiny and Custard Duisburg 2006-09-23 Razorblade-Festival at ‚RAZ4U‘ Datteln 2006-08-22 Sabaton, Custard, Dawn Of Destiny Duisburg 2006-07-29 Sommernachtstrauma Open Air with Torian, Exotherm, Dawn Of Destiny a.o. Lügde 2006-07-23 Emergenza-Finale Westdeutschland, Essigfabrik Köln 2006-07-07 Uni-Sommerfest München 2006-04-23 Emergenza Finale Ruhrgebiet Matrix Bochum 2006-03-12 Emergenza Halbfinale, Live Station Dortmund 2006-02-23 Emergenza Vorrunde, Live Station Dortmund 2006-01-28 HDKJ Bochum Bochum 2005 2005-12-03 „Prog ’n‘ Rock Night“, Cotton Club at ‚Walzwerk‘ Dinslaken