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The Band

Dawn of Destiny introduce themselves...

Actual band members:

Jeanette Scherff Vocals
Jens Faber Bass & Backing Vocals
Dirk Raczkiewicz Keyboards
Philipp Bock Drums and Percussion

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The story so far

'Dawn Of Destiny' have been established in late 2005 by bassist Jens Faber in Bochum / Germany. Based on powerful and fast Power Metal, the five musicians also involve elements of thrash, gothic or death metal into the music which is characterized by catchy choruses and creative song structure.

After only one year of constant live appearance with popular metal bands like 'Sabaton', 'Custard' or 'Tankard' the band signed a record deal with Shark Records ('Stratovarius', 'At Vance', 'Doro'). In 2007 their debut album "Begins" has been released and gained a very warm welcome by press and fans. In the beginning of 2008 'Dawn Of Destiny' supported the legendary 'House of Lords' on their European tour, which led them to Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

In August 2008 'Rebellion In Heaven' got in stores. The musical style of the debut has been consistently continued and enriched by new elements. This album was more popular and received overwhelming outstanding reviews. 'Rebellion In Heaven' was released in Japan through the major label Marquee / Avalon.

In 2009 the band delivers with 'Human Fragility' their most mature album to date, which offers guest appearances by Bernhard Weiss (Axxis) and Ian Parry (Vengeance, Ayreon, Elegy). Due to the growing popularity of the band they have been playing festivals with bands like Axxis, Primal Fear and Brainstorm. "Human Fragility" has been also released through Marquee / Avalon in Japan.

An elementary transition takes place in 2010. Jeanette Scherff takes over the lead vocals, and Matt Bauer (ex scanner, Everflow) takes the place behind 'DoD's' drumset. 'Dawn Of Destiny' are constantly striving to expand their existing multi-faceted style to even more elements and to convince with independent professional songwriting and performance.

In 2011 Dawn Of Destiny supported Axxis successfully on their '20 Years Anniversary Tour' and rocked stages in Munich, Burglengenfeld, Korbach, Pratteln (CH), Neuenstadt, Mörlenbach and Hamburg and Bochum.

2012 ,Praying To The World' has been released and represents the first collaboration with the new label Phonotraxx Publishing. The album includes classical power metal stuff as well as influences from melodic death metal and muscials.

In 2014 Dawn Of Destiny release their fifth album called F.E.A.R revealing a tragical story about a young girl sitting in a wheelchair. This album contains guest appearances by Jon Oliva (Savatage) and Mats Leven (Therion, Candlemass)

And the story still goes on...

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