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Profile: Jeanette Scherff

(aka Jeanny)

Date of birth: 07.07.1979
Place of birth: Haan - Germany
Residence: Wuppertal - Germany
Instruments: Vocals

Influenced by: soooo many...
Favorite bands: Subway to Sally, Primal Fear, Grave Digger, Teräsbetoni, Rammstein, Lordi, Hammerfall, Dream Evil...
Career: Vanilla Moon / Rock-Pop-Cover
Deep Black / Deep Purple-, Black- Sabbath, Rainbow- Cover
Just in Time / Soul- & Funk-Cover
Steamy Nights / Rock-Pop
Impact / Metal
Ears Erection / Rock-Cover
Temple of your soul / Melodic Metal-Rock

Plastique / Cover cross over (current)

since May 2010 Dawn of Destiny / Metal (current)

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